The Ways

Built in the early 1960’s the Balboa Boat Yard hauls and launches vessels using a ways car that travels up & down a set of tracks that lead down into the channel. The ways car is raised & lowered using a powerful winch allowing the crew to slowly and safely launch and retrieve vessels up to 80’.

Many yards have now adopted a system of hauling utilizing a travel lift which picks the boats out of the water with lifting straps. This system has allowed many yards to speed up the hauling & launching process and increase the volume of boats coming through the yard. However, at the Balboa Boat Yard, we have retained the rail system choosing instead to invest and maintain this tried & true method of hauling and launching.

Our Crew at Work

Metal Shop

Located on site, we maintain a full service machine shop capable of fabricating, machining, or welding any necessary parts. Whether it is a mechanical repair on board the boat or the design, construction, and installation of a custom project, we have not only the equipment but the necessary expertise as well.

Our Crew at Work

Wood Shop

Balboa Boat Yard has a long tradition of excellent wood work with a shop to match. We are capable of meeting your shipwright and carpentry needs whether it’s replacing planking or framework on your classic wooden yacht or a new teak deck on your new sportfisher.

Our Crew at Work

Tug & Towing

Our tugboat, “Official”, was built in 1911 and has been a working tug ever since. Much more than a flagship for the yard, we can pick up or deliver boats up to 60’ anywhere in the harbor.

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The Balboa Boat Yard has the only crane in the harbor with an articulated boom ideal for lifting out tanks, engines, and generators. And with a large open slip right in front of the crane, access is never a problem.

Our Crew at Work